Solar over met zwarte binnenkant

Automatic turntable for Solar oven – solarheating 4 you


After a lot of research, i find a way to make an Automatic turntable for Solar oven

This project as far is a succes. This means the motor is turning by three solar cells on each site.

In the video below, I show how the solar cells are connected. This was still job to find out how and what out.

The turntable is ordered, but nog delivered so i had to wait maybe another day before i can connect the system together.


The build

For i start to build the total construction, i need to construct as first the solar pannel.

I had six solarcells who needs to connect to each other so i had enough power to drive the motor. This motor normaly driven by 2 x 1,5V batteries.

To create enough power i need to connect the cells at the following wiring
Connection form the cells to a motor

The cells induvidualy are connected parallel. This means the voltage stays equal and the amperage is building up.
Wiring for connecting parallel solar cells

My greatest pannel gives me 5V, 160 mA. So i need to connect some other cells. These are cells from a backyard solar light.
Solar cells for driving the motor

Here you see the solar pannel i made t drive te motor.
backside of the solar pannel

As you can see i’ve connected three solar cells on each side so i had enough power to turn the motor.
The motor for the turntable who is driven by solar cells

The motor is a geared one. The last wheel turns very slowly. Connected to this wheel is a plastic rod with a round knob. At this knob i want to made a rubber band whichone drives the turntable.

In the next video i explane how i build this motor together with the solar cells.

Enjoy and thanx for watching

And another video